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Afrifocus Wealth Management

At Afrifocus Securities we continue to strive for customer excellence and improvement within the business by being agile and competitive. As a member of the JSE, we have embarked on a venture that has transformed the business from a traditional Stockbroker to a more comprehensive Financial Services Company whereby we will service all of your financial needs within one company.

We are approved as an Authorised Financial Services Provider (“FSP”) by the FSCA and issued with a Category 1 and 2 License. Afrifocus Wealth Management division will focus on Investment Planning; Retirement Planning, Off-shore Investments and Foreign Currency.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth Management distributes investment and retirement products that are listed on the investment platforms of large investment houses. Our current list of partners that has approved us as a distributor of their investment products is on the Allan Gray and Sanlam Glacier Platforms. We also facilitate direct offshore investing into a number of stock exchanges via our agreement with DMA. These platforms only allow the best-of-breed funds, and their screening process protects you from the poor performing asset managers.

Why the diversification into Wealth Management?

We see Wealth Management as a natural extension of what we do. Now, you can have both your stockbroking account as well as your Wealth Management portfolio under the Afrifocus umbrella. It makes your life easier and cost effective in that you can continue dealing on both portfolios with one individual, namely your Afrifocus Portfolio Manager.

Have we employed Wealth Managers?

All our JSE-registered portfolio managers are also registered by the FSCA as Representatives of Afrifocus Wealth Management, under the supervision of a Key Individual. They have completed the relevant Regulatory examinations. You can chat to them on the process of purchasing or transferring your Portfolio to Afrifocus. The process to transfer is simple and we make it easy for you.

Does Afrifocus manage the Funds within the Wealth Portfolio?

No, Afrifocus will oversee your process, but the funds are managed by the fund investment manager of your choice, be it Allan Gray, Coronation, Ninety One or whichever manager you have selected. However, our aim is to closely monitor the funds on a regular basis to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Can I move my existing Wealth Investment Portfolio over to Afrifocus?

Yes. Speak to your portfolio manager and they will assist you in the process. It’s quick, simple and we do all the work for you.

For more information, please contact Charmaine at 011 011 1607 or charmainem@afrifocus.co.za