Product descriptor

WealthCurrency is a geared, semi-automated (algorithmic), high-risk portfolio which is actively managed with strict stop-loss criteria. The investment objective is to outperform the STEFI Cash Index + 5% per annum. The portfolio is a full discretionary, trading portfolio in various currency pairs. Exposure is taken via the CFD market. It is managed by a full time dedicated trader/portfolio manager who has a long-term track record in managing currencies.

Why should I invest in it?

By investing in the portfolio you’ll have:

  • A semi-automated (algorithmic) approach to investments aiming to outperform the benchmark consistently
  • Access to a personal portfolio manager
  • Full transparency with real time access to your portfolio 24/7
  • Low costs
  • A personal portfolio in your name
  • An offshore currency account with our fund custodians – the product utilises your annual foreign investment allowance of R1m or you will require SARS approval for larger amounts

We provide all regulatory SARS documentation annually.

Who should invest in it?

The portfolio is suitable for clients who seek to diversify their investments by utilising global currency exposure. It is suitable for clients who wish to have their funds managed for capital growth over the medium to long term. We advise clients to invest for a minimum of 3 years.

What are the fees?

An annual management fee of 1% per annum on the assets managed is charged. A performance fee of 50% of the outperformance of the benchmark is charged. This is booked quarterly in arrears. Normal trading costs apply.

What’s the minimum I can invest?

As a lump sum we accept a minimum of R100 000.