Wealth Builder

Wealth Builder

Product Descriptor

The WealthBuilder is a managed portfolio to grow your wealth over the medium to long term. The investment objective is to outperform South African inflation + 3% per annum, after all trading costs. The portfolio is a full discretionary portfolio invested directly on the JSE, with exposure to all the major asset classes such as local equities, local and offshore ETFs, commodities, bonds, preference shares and cash. It is managed by our private client portfolio managers, supported by our inhouse research team. This portfolio is not a unit trust or trading portfolio. It’s in your own name and is an individual’s personal investment account.

Why should I invest in it?

By investing in the portfolio you’ll have:


• A professional investment team aiming to achieve your                         investment objectives

• Access to your portfolio manager

• Full transparency with real-time access to your portfolio 24/7

• Low costs because we trade directly on the JSE

• An independent research team supporting your investments

• A personal portfolio in your own name


We provide all regulatory SARS documentation annually.

Who should invest in it?

The typical investor wants to build their wealth over the medium to long term in a diversified portfolio of assets. We normally advise clients to invest for at least three years in this portfolio.

What are the fees?

We strive to have complete transparency with regards to our portfolios. There are neither initial fees nor performance fees charged. An annual management fee of 1% per annum on the assets managed is charged quarterly, in arrears. JSE and trading costs apply.

What's the minimum I can invest?

As a lump sum we accept a minimum of R500 000. We provide debit order facilities. Speak to us for more information. For investors with less than R500 000 we will duplicate the asset allocation of the Wealthbuilder portfolio using JSE-listed ETFs