Private Clients Stockbroking


• Advisory – we execute mutually agreed-upon investment ideas on     your behalf


• Discretionary – we manage your investment on your behalf


• Non-discretionary – we act on your instructions


• Portfolio Warehousing


• Enables you to trade via the internet, with delayed prices. (Live            prices available upon request)


• The ability to manage risk by setting up a “stop loss” or creating          alerts


•  Ability to create your own technical analysis on our user friendly        charting system


•  Create your own custom layout as well as a custom watch list

We offer a full back office functionality including settlement

of deals, acting on corporate actions and compliance.

For more information contact us.


Afrifocus Securities is a full service JSE Stockbroker and an authorised Financial Services Provider 48810. Private Client Teams and Portfolio Managers, operate from our Johannesburg and Durban offices. Trades can be placed via either phone-in or on our stockbroking platform.