Financial Services

At Afrifocus Securities we continue to strive for customer excellence and improvement within the business by being agile and competitive. As one of the leading stockbroking companies within the JSE, we have embarked on a venture that will transform the business from a traditional Stockbroker to a Financial Services Company. This will give us the competitive edge over other Stock brokers, whereby we will service all of your financial needs within one company.

We were recently approved as an Authorized Financial Services Provider (“FSP”) by the FSCA (formerly the Financial Services Board or FSB) and issued with a Category 1 and 2 License.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new division, Afrifocus Wealth Management.

What is Afrifocus Wealth Management

Afrifocus Wealth Management will focus on distributing unit trusts and collective investment schemes that are listed on the investment platforms of large investment houses. Our first partner to approve us as a distributor of their investment products is on the Allan Gray platform. What we liked about this platform is that only the best-of-breed unit trusts are allowed, and that their screening process protects you from the poor performing asset managers.

Why are we moving into the Wealth Management business

We see Wealth Management as a natural extension of what we do. Now you can have both your stockbroking account as well as your unit trust portfolio under the Afrifocus umbrella. It makes your life easier in that you can continue dealing on both portfolios with one individual, namely your Afrifocus Portfolio Manager.

Have we employed Wealth Managers

All our portfolio managers are registered by the FSCA as Representatives of Afrifocus Wealth Management, under the supervision of a Key Individual. So you can chat to them on the process of purchasing unit trusts via Afrifocus. In addition we will be appointing specialist Wealth Managers over the course of the year.

Does Afrifocus manage the unit trusts?

No, Afrifocus will oversee your Unit Trust process of application but the funds are managed by the Fund Investment manager of your choice, be it Allan Gray, Coronation or whichever manager you have selected. However, our aim is to closely monitor the funds on a regular basis to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Can I move my existing unit trust portfolio over to Afrifocus?

Yes, speak to your portfolio manager and he will assist you in the process. It’s quick, simple and we do all the work for you.

For more information, please contact our Admin/Para planner