Wealth Cash

Wealth Cash

Product Descriptor

The WealthCash portfolio is for individuals and corporates who seek a low risk investment.


The funds are invested in a Nedbank money market account at Corporate Saver rates, with interest accruing in the investor’s account on a monthly basis.

Why should I invest in it?

By investing in the portfolio you’ll have:


• Higher interest rates than ordinary savers with Nedbank

• Easy access to your money every weekday within 24 hours.

• The WealthCash portfolio is not a unit trust investment.

• We provide all regulatory SARS documentation annually and also       monthly statements.

Who should invest in it?

This portfolio is for someone who wants a safe liquid cash investment.

What's the minimum I can invest?

As a lump sum we accept a minimum of R10 000. We offer from daily call rates up to 1 year fixed rates.


Speak to us for more information.