Afrifocus Managed Commodity Portfolio Investment

By : , September 18, 2020
  • The minimum investment into the portfolio is R100 000
  • The portfolio is in the investor’s name and is not unitized
  • The portfolio will be invested into a maximum of 5 JSE-listed commodity ETNs/ETFs, with the allocation to the various instruments be more or less equally weighted at 20% exposure. If less than 5 commodities are selected, the balance will be invested in US$, Euro or British Pound.
  • The performance benchmark is the movement of the USDZAR exchange rate

Note: The performance highlighted is a simulation of the investment process.  All costs are included in the performance results.  Past performance is not reflective of future returns

Please contact your Afrifocus Portfolio Manager if you have any queries, or want to invest in the Afrifocus Commodity Portfolio