Afrifocus Commodity Brokers

Services provided:

Derivative trading

  • Futures, Options, Hedging,
  • Arbitrage opportunities: Inter commodity, Inter exchange, Calendar spread and physical storage

Physical trading

  • Producer services
  • Farmer contracts
  • Price hedging
  • Production estimates
  • Various producer price risk strategies
  • Management of pre-season contracts
  • Farm visits and inspection

Processor services

  • Agricultural products procurement and marketing: Maize, Wheat, Soya, Sunflower Seed, Sorghum, Pulses, Hominy Chop, Wheat Bran, Oilcakes, Maize meal, Wheat flour, Maize Grits
  • Hedging
  • Producer Contract management
  • International services
    • Import of grain and grain products
    • Export of grain and grain products
    • Hedging and pricing on an international exchange

Physical trading

  • Commodity derivatives
  • Single stock futures
  • Physical commodities